Google Play Store v5.1.11 Patched + Installer Proper


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 20MB
Category: Tools

Download Google Play Store v5.1.11 Patched + Installer Proper Now
Google Play Store v5.1.11 Patched + Installer Proper

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Google Play Store v5.1.11 Patched + Installer Proper has all your entertainment in 1 place. The official website of Google Play software that allows android-os users quick and easy access to the application Store and Google Play the game provides. The store has more than 450,000 apps, millions of songs and thousands of movies and books are. Download unfetter sample music and books, see ratings, review and watch the trailer for the pictures or videos by this program possible. together this software all android-os Market apps and games is at your disposal and you can download unfetter apps together direct links or money purchase plans (or even unfetter of android-os transits the Direct Download! ).

Note: If you receive the message "force close" the View "Installed" in "My app", please Data Cache and delete the Google Play Store out.

For android-os 2.2 and higher

Install Google Play Store Patched:
1. Latest version of Lucky Patcher to install.
2. Lucky Patcher> Menu> Select 'Patch to Android' run.
3. √ 'Signature Verify always True' and 'Disable Zip Signature Verify'> Apply> Yes to choose from.
4. After restarting the 'Patch to Android' go (Patch applied) to Czech out. Lucky Patcher if applied to the exit. Otherwise, step 3 again.
5. If you need to recover your original version, together Titanium backup the current backup Google play.
6. '' downloaded, rename and move to SD card.
(Ginger Bread android-os users to 'Vending.apk' and users of android-os ICS / Jelly Bean to 'PhoneSky.apk' renamed.)
7. rooted Explorer to open the apk renamed the folder '/ system / application /' copy / paste.
8. Set the permissions rw-r-r- and restart the machine.
9. Done. All programs is licensed upon a device together LVL.

Install Google Play Store Installer:
Install, run and restart the phone.

- google play store patched installer proper for android wap.

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