Google Handwriting Input v1.1


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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Google Handwriting Input v1.1

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Google Handwriting Input v1.1 Google India writhing Aynpat new software developed by Google for android-os OS 4.0 and above is provided. As the name of the program is determined by Google Handwriting can use your handwriting and in more than 82 different languages ​​handwritten and save them. The software of printed lines and broken supports and you can couch together a pen Astaylvs or without pay. It also supports hundreds of emoticons Aymvjy any program by which you can express your emotions easily. Some important features Google's android-os software in India Copyright: useful complement to touch-typing and typing sound and interesting way to hook into the Aymvjy by dragging together the touch and the ability to store and share texts.

Some of the key features of android-os Google Handwriting Input:
✤ a useful complement to touch-screen typing or voice entry
✤ a fun way to enter the draw emoji
✤ useful for languages ​​that can be challenging to type upon a standard keyboard
✤ This version of the android-os mobile phones and tablets together android-os 4.0.3 and higher you work
✤ If you claim that your handwriting is terrible, try it and see if it can convince you or not.

- google handwriting input for android wap.

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