Google Android Auto v1.1.069670


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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Google Android Auto v1.1.069670

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Google android-os Auto v1.1.069670 program that allows users of android-os rejected their vehicles, made ​​in Google Play. Cars that customers had arrived in America together the android-os operating system before the application could not remember their nectar because no application in no smart phone is able to perform this function. But now a new application to discuss the problem resolved.
Google's android-os Auto feature phones Hvmshnd can bring into your vehicle. This application allows users not only to receive your calls, it also able to easily do some basic exercise. For example, set appointments together voice commands, the use of navigation systems, musical performances and listen to incoming messages as good as multiple another features. Apple has a similar system called CarPlay the cases brought by the operating system iOS cars.
Google introduced Android Otto applications and services to bring your car dashboard page, and when you're upon the road, to hook the information you need is safer and easier. android-os 5.0+ android-os Auto-driving device and a compatible vehicle and aftermarket head unit test.
Otto android-os is designed for safety. together a homely interface and intuitive controls guide the integrated command, and powerful new audio measures, designed to minimize distractions so you can cease focused upon the road.

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