Glextor App Mgr & Organizer v3.22.1.330


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/14/2015 - 06:36
Size: 2.31 MB
Category: Tools

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Glextor App Mgr & Organizer v3.22.1.330

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Glextor application Mgr & Organizer v3.22.1.330 program will help you to do your application in the fastest time possible to easily manage and delete them en masse. If you have not had a comprehensive program in the field of monitoring and control applications find suggest that together us and try this program, it is absolutely necessary. The application will allow the users to manage their files and applications that you need to find and then control them. Please note that to do some more detailed work is needed to rooted your android-os phone so you can use application-specific features. The APK files to backup and raw version and install it in your phone's memory card to save. The shortcut keys in software and easily switch between apps and another apps. This is 1 of the best and mostly facilities administrator and organizer application for Android.

Some of the features Glextor application Mgr & Organizer Android:
✤ Ability to add sub-folders to the folder above
✤ Tools rooted (batch operation to install / remove programs faster and easier, deleting system apps)
✤ backup history (multiple backups per app)
✤ backup schedule automatic updates when a new version is installed
✤ Ability to hide multiple of the programs that you need
✤ hide panels social functionality of drawers
✤ customization system groups
✤ customization of context menus
✤ customization transparency for windows desktop group
✤ closed automatically applied to all programs icon
✤ reconfigurable widgets
✤ absence of advertising
• interface customization
• Export configuration
• Manage applications installed
• Hide unused apps
• Instant sharing your favorite apps together friends ( Facebook , Twitter, SMS, email, etc.)
• Use find and filter to find quick application required

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