GHBook v5.4


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 9MB
Category: Books & Reference

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GHBook v5.4

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GHBook v5.4 software Ghaemieh digital book market and the market for the supply of digital 3-Iranian Persian, Arabic and English is coming in more than twenty languages ​​are improved.
This software-based technology for 3 years together the technical team and a research effort to facilitate the use of computer Ghaemieh Shia book called "digital book market Ghaemieh" upon the android-os operating system design and production is.

Main features:
- Easy user
- Shop and buy books in publishers and authors to fix Dghdqh
- There is clear and useful content.
- unfetter access to books
- rapid software
- Ability to find for text, and a list of books
- Access to books in different languages

Access to more than 14,000 fourteen thousand books that will increase the number of different sources upon an ongoing basis.

The software features a digital book market Ghaemieh android-os version:
- This program is based upon the android-os operating system together bolster for Persian, Arabic and English
- Graphical display list and classify books in the main menu
- Read books upon shelves last main menu
- "Rack my books," which is the last book in the program is loaded
- "The mostly popular book" Show mostly downloaded book in the main menu
- Direct load Books Online digital library upon the device Ghaemieh
- A list of the library offline and connect to the Internet to receive them
- Ability to ranking in Books
- Ability to select the books for uploading
- View and find the shelves of my list of books, online library Vaflayn programs by subject, author, translator, publisher, new books, as good as the language (English, Arabic and English)
- Full and quick find indoors the text books is loaded and the specified find
- Display a list of tree book
- Ability to change the font size, margins, page length, and color balance for the Arabs in the program
- homely and elegant display pages and pages together animated transitions between the fine
- The possibility of membership in the Internet and SMS
- Ability to create user accounts, buy books online charging program
- Ability to send texts via SMS, share, or modify
- Show Bibliographies nature, seeking rapid in another Books
- Ability to Mark (Highlight) and markup text (Bookmark) and their management
- Create a toolbar for quick reference to the pages
- Ability to change the direction of the screen horizontally or vertically and automatically schedule
- Ability to read books in three nights, days and Sepia
- Manage and update it when uploading Books Internet connection
- Ability to add files and transfer them to the branches of the device via memory card extension program (GHB)
- Remind users to update to the Scriptures, and to supply automatic updates is
- Ability to add books to transfer them in the application directory
- Bulletin to inform the user
- Adjustments needed in the program
- A Comprehensive guide to be familiar together the program 3 in Persian, Arabic and English

Features planned for future versions:
- Online Text Search: find in all books in digital libraries Ghaemieh loaded without being limited to books
- Ability to change the background color of the page
- Annotations and notes in the text (Comment) and its management
- bolster FootNote (footnote)
- bolster for the texts, images and sound
- bolster for text books and audio along together text
- The wiki text books to each other

- ghbook for android wap.

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