Ghost Radar connect 4.5.8 premium


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 17MB
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Ghost Radar connect 4.5.8 premium

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The next generation of the Ghost Radar® product line. Ghost Radar®: CONNECT focuses upon keeping you connected to your social world while allowing you to use the familiar features of Ghost Radar®. Now built for android-os and including android-os only features likable home screen widget, background processing, and event notification.

Now manage your Ghost Radar® readings together fine grain precision. in addition to logging words, the application now logs blips, images, and audio recordings. together a touch of a button share your readings together the rest of your world.

Ghost Radar® is the original application designed to detect paranormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detect paranormal activity by making various readings upon the device. Traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when homely mundane bursts of normal energy occur. Ghost Radar® sets itself apart by analyzing the readings and giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made.

Ghost Radar® also includes a voice to let you understand when interesting words have been detected. Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results in this application cannot be verified scientifically the application should be used for entertainment purposes.

This is the Connect version of the ORIGINAL Ghost Radar®. Please visit for more information upon the advanced features of including:
* Increased vocabulary by about 800 words.
* Vocabulary management
* home screen widget
* Advanced user interface
* Energy translation to words
* Energy translation to radar indicators
* Energy translation to numeric values
* Energy translation to graphics
* Word logs
* Word log management
* Advanced settings options
* Reporting capability
* Spoken words
* Audio recording ability
* Image capture ability

Visit for more information.

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