GEAK Camera v1.0.15149


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/09/2015 - 07:06
Size: 794 KB
Category: Photography

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GEAK Camera v1.0.15149

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GEAK Camera v1.0.15149 powerful application for android-os phones and tablets through photography by the programmer of the same name is published and freely available GEAK located. Flexibility and functionality of the default camera application for you to bring more features that you can use to create beautiful works. For example, when shooting is possible to take pictures, various filters available in the form of Real Time (in seconds) tried and then achieve the desired result was to record and take pictures.
There is three different modes to use this camera apps, including Camera, video and square; Camera photo mode, video mode and shooting mode for taking pictures of the square to square the liberate of Instagram . The program interface is designed as homely as that certainly will not encounter any problems while working together it. It should be noted that due GEAK camera utilizes OpenGL technology is rapid and smooth performance.

Features GEAK Camera:
▣ has 9 beautiful filters
▣ possible to use filters to capture photo
▣ rapid performance and smooth
▣ low volume
▣ has three mode Camera, video, and square
▣ allow photography during filming

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