GameKeyboard + v6.1.1


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 0.308 MB
Category: Tools

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GameKeyboard + v6.1.1

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GameKeyboard + v6.1.1 keyboard that is designed for the game. is you looking for a gamepad for your android-os phone? This software is for playing games. You can create and control its keyboard hides them. For example, you can play Street Fighter IV HD do together this software easily. This program allows you to enter cheat codes for the game GTA Vice city and truly enjoy your playing.

Main program features GameKeyboard + Android:
1. gamepad screen with:
- Multi-touch (depending upon the device and operating system)
- D-pad together 4.8 way to play 12 buttons, 2 analog stick
- Resizable and customizable buttons layout
- Fully customizable buttons
2. redistricting map key physical
3. Save the mapping of key / button to profiles
4. The full QWERTY keyboard
5. Create the macro to do autofire, key combo, text input together the touch of a button
6. Simulation touch operation, even without touchscreen devices (eg android-os TV Box) (requires root)
7. realistic simulation of analog joystick (requires root, and operating system bolster joystick)
8. simulate virtual mouse (requires root)

- gamekeyboard for android wap.

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