Foursquare 2015.08.25


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/28/2015 - 01:51
Size: 18.33 MB
Category: Travel & Local

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Foursquare 2015.08.25

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Foursquare 2015.08.25 official application for android-os users is the social network Four Square. The social network was established in 2009 together over 40 million current users, every day more users is attracted removes 1 side.


Changes in version 8.25.2015:

This update has a bunch of little tweaks, including: - Saved a place you likable upon the home screen? We now show you another similar places you may also need to check out. - need to see the best tips, or just the mostly recent? Now there's a one-tap way to see the ones you want. We also made a bunch of another little error fixes and speed improvements. Enjoy the nice weather!

- foursquare for android wap.

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