Flockers 1.999 + Mod


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 05/31/2015 - 06:17
Size: 12 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Flockers 1.999 + Mod

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Flockers 1.999 an exciting game in the style of the company's intellectual puzzle Team 17 Digital Limited for the android-os operating system, and the manufacturers is as famous Worms. Flock of sheep originally released for different platforms such as the PS4 and good feedback in users and critics have had. However, this game has a smartphone to be sold at $ 1.99!
Led a group of sheep in the game the player will be placed Flockers and should smooth the way and pass them together sharp objects and dangerous stage to completion. Note that each sheep in traps that flattened him, caught or die, the Score will decrease. The maximum number is set, and if it passes the number will be lost. After health care these animals is cute and humorous!
Designers have tried to figure Worms also be used to memorable and old users can more easily interact together the environment. Electric saws, blades, large war machines in Flockers those things that would jeopardize the lives of sheep and should be close to them. Creativity and new ideas in sheep flocks together hundreds of methods can be used to complete a Level. However, over time, increases the level of difficulty or Difficulty and maybe you can not succeed in the first place. But it should not be hard in the game Flockers enemies to surrender power. All efforts to do so in the least time possible, hook the best outcome for your account to register and then share together others through social networks.

Flockers android-os puzzle game features:
✔ save his sheep in 60 challenging stages
✔ More than 18 different types of sheep to save
✔ Gvsfndhayy of extraordinary talents, likable flying and ...
✔ may connect to Facebook and compete together friends
Having ✔ HD graphics and exciting sound

- flockers mod for android wap.

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