Floating WhatsApp Pro 4.4.1


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.5 MB
Category: Tools

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Floating WhatsApp Pro 4.4.1

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Floating WhatsApp PRO (ROOT) v4.4.1 you can Whatsapp windows and floating heads open together the bolster of multimedia.

- Quick - pre-configured messages
-Ayjad Groups and set different messages to users
- Widget to your contacts
- Automatic response when you're busy

Tasker TASKER Plug-in is a supplement is not necessary that the program is installed.

Plug PUSHBULLET (Announcements PC)

need to Ruth - Ruth is needed to run this program.

Program functions:
* Floating window
* Heads float
* History 45 lines of communication
* Delete notifications WhatsApp When you respond to a message
* Emoji is
* bolster multi-media, without opening WhatsApp
* rapid response

[PRO] menu floating head
[PRO] Open Conversation WhatsApp
[PRO] widget
[PRO] Shortcuts
[PRO] Drag and Drop
[PRO] Send Photos
[PRO] Post pictures
[PRO] menu settings
[PRO] Automatic Updates chat
[PRO] AutoReply
[PRO] background
[PRO] line chat

[PRO] - Tasker / Locale plug-in

- floating whatsapp pro for android wap.

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