Fleksy Keyboard 5.5


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 35.35 MB
Category: Personalization

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Fleksy Keyboard 5.5

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Fleksy Keyboard v5.5 for android-os is a revolutionary new keyboard. Using its patent pending technology that is used to record, together the help of this program upon any device can quickly, accurately and easily without looking at post a comment. Flesky unique technology work force is based upon the geometric intelligence. It does not look at the letters that you type, but based upon which part you touch your typing pattern analysis and typing the word you need to understand the.

Fleksy Keyboard android-os Keyboard features:
- Resize Keyboard
- Customize cloudy
- New, fun, rapid
- multiple layout options
- Typing without looking at the keyboard
- A unique technology based upon geometric information
- Break the android-os keyboard is the fastest place in May 2014 in Guinness
- A variety of different modes for typing without looking user
- Backup and synchronize seamlessly together all your devices
- bolster for client emoticons to use emoticons in text
- bolster for android-os smartphones and tablets to the large screen and small
- Typing pattern analysis to understand the meaning of words typed by you
- Add tasks such as punctuation, spacing, add words to your personal dictionary and much more
- Typing by simply typing upon your laptop, the system motion (gesture) unique
- And ...

Seamlessly switch between languages ​​when typing. Fleksy than 40 languages ​​are supported, including:

• English (US)
• Albanian
• Arabic
• Bulgarian
• Catalan (Spain)
• Croatian
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch
• English (AUS)
• English (CA)
• English (UK)
• Estonian
• French (CA)
• French (FR)
• German
• Greece
• Hebrew
• Hungarian
• Italian
• Latvia
• Lithuanian
• Macedonian
• Malay
• Norwegian
• Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Portuguese (PT)
• Romanian
• Russian
• Serbia
• Slovakia
• Slovenian
• Spanish (Latin America)
• Spanish (ES)
• Spanish (US)
• Swedish
• Tagalog
• Turkish

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