FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.80


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.55 MB
Category: Tools

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FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.80

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FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.80 program that allows users of the android-os device's camera flash as a flashlight. in the event of unavailability of the flash device, the program plays a guiding light illuminate the entire page.

Features FlashLight HD LED Pro:
Produce the strongest and brightest light among competitors
homely and practical design
Turn upon the flash only 1 button
Use the camera flash
The possibility of using the device as a light guide
Having a widget for quick access


Changes in version 1.80:

Version Flashlight 1.79-1.80
- Fixed to work upon some devices
Version Flashlight 1.77
- Fixed to work upon some devices
- Minor bugfixes
Version Flashlight 1.76
- Fixed to work at Motorola - XT1060
- Minor bugfixes for all models
Version Flashlight 1.74 / 1.75
- Minor bugfixes
Version Flashlight 1.73
- Setting "Light upon startup" got explanation about widgets
- Minor bugfixes
Version Flashlight 1.72
- Minor bugfixes

- flashlight hd led pro for android wap.

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