Farmdale 1.6.14 + Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 44 MB
Category: Strategy

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Farmdale 1.6.14 + Mod

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Farmdale 1.6.14 Farming or the name of the game in the style of farming fun for the android-os operating system that the company's volume Mnasbyst Game Garden is designed. in this game you live together friends in a dream land of remarkable beauty and all the people of the region to live happily, but need someone here to be able to handle it. The heavy responsibility in the game to shower and all sectors of farming, animal husbandry, cooking, spinning and weaving activities circulate bring up together management upon a daily basis, income derived in them. To begin activities in the field of management, must buy seeds in the market and it is inexpensive to plant upon agricultural land. However, before it needs to plow your land and specify a range for each seed.
After you is able to obtain this money, raising livestock in some areas expand and animals such as sheep, chickens and sometimes kept in special places. This can also products such as milk, eggs and wool, use and requirements, each animal is to sell and hook paid a good amount. Hundreds of trees have been placed upon the game field Mvchk need to plant all these trees and weather Hdsh village to hook the mostly healthy. in addition to all of these useful features, there will be time to harvest the trees. Art workshops supply a check and they need to work first hand and do valuable beauty.

Some of the features Farmdale farming android-os game:
✤ game in a magical world together likable characters
✤ breeding and care of animals, lovely and beautiful
✤ dozens of different trees and plants to grow
✤ production of art and another objects for sale and rising income
✤ different types of buildings to beautify your land
✤ colorful graphics and loving and non-violent environment.

- farmdale mod for android wap.

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