Farm Story 2 v1.7.3.11g


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Simulation

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Farm Story 2 v1.7.3.11g

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Farm Story 2 v1.7.3.11g a three-dimensional game online farm management style of the company's android-os operating system is 1 that is designed TeamLava Games. According to reports in Google bridge is registered, this game has more than a million times directly by users and has been downloaded more than a thousand people daily, the online experience.
Small farm in Farm Story 2 game to start construction work upon the land and sow the seeds of inexpensive good product withdrawal. After the first income earned in the game, go to the seeds of a more expensive and you can hook them in the farm to expand. Farm animals such as cows and sheep is also kept in the region to take advantage of their products.
Agriculture and livestock, which is the responsibility of the user is put in charge of the game and is it good to go. Farm where you and another users have created in Farm Story 2, is easily visible and is in the standings. So do not hesitate and try to spare no effort to develop the world's first in your Leaderboard. The mostly interesting feature is that the second version of the game is the story of the farm, the possibility of buying and selling of goods among users is that it is a stiff competition in the the attractiveness of this adds. Lovable characters likable Jed Fallows Farm Story 2 games to come and help the Vat winding road ahead, you will be able to contribute to the work done in the best conditions.

Some features strategically Farm Story 2 android-os game:
✔ expand your farm together the surrounding terrain to explore the lovely animals
✔ Ability to trade in goods together the sales of agricultural products together another players
✔ Ability to decorate your farm together a variety of tools and items in the store
✔ met together a variety of lovely characters likable Jed Fallows, etc.
✔ of agricultural products for the detection and removal by the player and you
✔ HD has a colorful and three-dimensional graphics and exciting sound


Note that:

Farm Story 2 is an online game and Internet connection is required to run and play together MTN SIM card and mobile Internet works.

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