Family Farm Seaside 3.1.1


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 49.97 MB
Category: Simulation

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 Family Farm Seaside 3.1.1

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To collect more than 50 million players join the popular Family Farm Seaside 3.1.1! Create your own beautiful farm and their products together proper care, develop and sell. home Farm Seaside called beautiful game farm together wonderful animation and graphics for Android. The beautiful game in strategic style, you and your farm, you can use any type of product that you need to plant, handle and sell. The game has a very nice design and the user friendliness that will fascinate you.
1 of the mostly popular Facebook social network games is that the android-os version is also provided (for the games in the android-os users), you can find another players in this game to your friends, add the game and the field See and be a partner to expand the business to pay off! The game has 40 achievements (achievements) and more than 200 items of different products.

Some features farm home Farm Seaside android-os game:
- Planting and harvesting more than 200 different kinds of agriculture product
- Creating and spreading his own farm in a coastal landscape
- Ability to find your friends and add them as a friend to work
- Ability to compete together your friends to find more than 40 achievements
- Having HD and colorful graphics together very dramatic sound

- family farm seaside for android wap.

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