Fairy Kingdom HD 1.5.8 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 49 + 38 MB
Category: Strategy

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Fairy Kingdom HD 1.5.8 + Data

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Welcome to the fairy land! Where you can build your own city, legendary heroes in their missions to help you discover the secrets of the forces of evil together the power of love and friendship defeat.
Play Fairy Kingdom HD 1.5.8 is an interesting story. Prince lived in a land far away. Once decided upon a nearby forest to go hunting. During the chase he met together the princess who has been taken captive by an old witch. The young prince saves the princess and his lover. While they were going to marry each other, the old witch again appears to be the prince and his bride take revenge! He uses magic to turn them into stone statues. in the absence of a decline in the reign of Prince and the misery it.
Spent centuries. All they have left and no 1 will remember the Prince and Princess. They have become the ruins of the castle is not the place for happiness. However, eventual events hoping to land back! Little fairy princess statue to find and spell destroys it but can not do anything for her fiance. Now it is time to save Princess Princess together your friends and happiness back into his territory, and it is your duty to help him out!

Features Fairy Kingdom HD:
More than 250 missions
Ability to build various buildings
7 different characters in the game for you to help them in the future will come to your aid
Very large map together places of interest and attractions
Hundreds of awards and achievements in the game
High-quality graphics and animation
No need for internet another than early start the next game and Updates

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