Facebook Pages Manager v17.0


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 23MB
Category: Communication

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Facebook Pages Manager v17.0

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Facebook Pages Facebook Pages administrator v17.0 helps managers to communicate together your audience and be active upon multiple pages, all in 1 place.

• Update and post and reply to comments pages
• View and reply to private messages sent to your page
• The option to receive notifications for new activities, tips and reminders
• View the latest Insight (Insight) page
• Turn off notifications for each page
• Upload a photo in a special album
• attach a photo to a status update
• Change profile photos and mask
• Save a shortcut to the home screen upon your phone
• Share links to another programs Pages administrator
• Send and promotion (promote) at the same time
• Convert an external url to posts Subscribe
• Share photos together another programs
• Create a new album
• Save a draft of a post
• couch an event Posts
• Use bookmarks links to view the full page message, insights (Insights), photos, events and log (Log) activity
• delete a comment, or anyone in your screen together 1 touch bin views
• Go to Settings to modified basic information and invite friends to your page Likes
• Upload multiple photos to a post
• modified administrator page, add the new administrator to manage your pages.
• tags in comments to create a deep connection to the people who is important to you.
• Keep the updates of pages via another related pages
• Label the another pages sharing tool
• Tapping upon a person / page for easy access to the Timeline (Timeline) he
• Editing Comments
• Tap to go to the messages and notifications Posts
• infinite scrolling preview page for announcements to help you be aware of the activities page.
• Smaller file size, download and run the program faster.
• Send a message emoji and Tags
• Photo and page navigation in an improved gallery
• Upload videos in your mobile device to your page
• Select the photos and videos in another applications to use Facebook post
• find out pages for Entries
• include the hashtag (hashtags) in your posts and tapping upon them to view hashtag feed

- facebook pages manager for android wap.

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