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Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/26/2015 - 00:02
Size: 0.450 MB
Category: Communication

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Facebook Lite

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Facebook Lite program Facebook Lite software is new and super-giant Facebook, which is unfetter and is the perfect alternative for those seeking together high-speed Facebook to access have, this program allows you to communicate faster together your friends and talk to them to pay for this version of Messenger Facebook together all connections, including 2G and regions together low Internet speed works without problems and together the aim to render faster and use less data is designed to be the best option for us Iranians Ayntrntman speed is not satisfactory, it is. The application has a capacity of 285 KB gives you access to your Facebook account and will work upon all android-os devices without problems. If you're a Facebook user and is looking for a safe program to access your account management panel We recommend you use Facebook Lite version that has been released by Facebook.

Facebook Lite android-os application Features:
✣ has a volume of less than half a megabyte!
✣ enables rapid loading data
✣ allows connection of 2G
✣ able to chat together friends
✣ view the list of Adad
✣ send and receive messages and have group conversations friends
✣ receive notifications when a friend likes and comments upon your posts
✣ find Friends Online
✣ to share updates and photos

- facebook lite for android wap.

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