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Update: 06/11/2015 - 04:56
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Facebook There is provided. Facebook needs no introduction. The best known and mostly powerful social network world together hundreds of millions of users in around the world! The filter of the social network in the country, but still the first choice and Hmshgy hundreds of thousands of users in Iran. Facebook applications that today more than 1 billion times have you put Gramyan Google and 1 of the mostly popular films downloaded applications upon Google's Market.

Some of the features and functionalities of Facebook android-os app:
Information about the current status of your friends
Share updates, photos and videos
Aware of the times when Nvtyfyshn Likes and comments by users
Group to chat together friends
To play and the use of popular Aplykyshtnhay
Likes the posts by others and may even consider putting them in the program
Users can identify nearly put you through the program
homely and very user friendly interface and no advertising + unfetter
The opportunity to share images and videos together 1 click and easy
Aware of the times when Nvtyfyshn Likes and comments by users
Possibility of chatting together friends, including a group
another users can view the page by high speed and very beautiful


Changes in version

• Improvements for reliability and speed

- facebook for android wap.

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