EverythingMe Launcher 3.1362.9375


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 10 MB
Category: Personalization

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EverythingMe Launcher 3.1362.9375

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EverythingMe Launcher v3.1362.9375 Launcher for android-os devices that feature adds text to mobile phones. This program launcher, contacts, and information in exactly the right place and the right time to supply the main page.
supply accurate results in the context of an engineering challenge is formidable. It's the combination of machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling and domain knowledge specific circumstances of life. in this context, the launcher needs of users together specific content upon their phones, as good as native applications and web aligns.

- A launcher or home replacement that looks and functionality to enhance the original page
- Customize the way open apps, do calls and perform another tasks

Bar predicted (Prediction Bar ™)
- Anticipating what you will need during the day. hook the news in the morning, your calendar at work, and schedule train upon his way home

Smart folder (Smart Folders ™)
- Automatically organize your plans according to your interests. Open the Statistics folder Sports Football (Sports Folder) or find a directory of children's cartoons (Kids Folder) you

The phone -Sry find
- The fastest and mostly customizable find tool for Android. Enter a word to contacts, applications and web results that only you can access.

Everyday use
- in the morning, you will automatically display upon your news and weather
- in the city, you can find the nearest restaurants, shops and transport services in the folder "Around Me Folder" to access
- in the evening, dinner recipes and movie programs have

- everythingme launcher for android wap.

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