EVA - Voice Assistant Premium v3.31


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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EVA - Voice Assistant Premium v3.31

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EVA - Voice Assistant v3.31 program that if you need to increase the productivity of your voice, be it upon your android-os device. It has multiple features such as Siri is truly useful that you might be wondering why there is no standard in Android. The program has a dedicated auto mode if you need to use your phone while driving is extremely helpful. The smartphone application that helps you do smarter. It includes powerful features profiles that allow you to easily and in a second, loading (loads) to change profile, change your phone settings.
The program can sound an assistant together you always. Reading and replying to text messages and emails, the calendar and new events, the program and multiple another such things you can do together the program is. You can also give a statement of the program and notify you if they hear the program of the opening or change to be exercised.

- couch messages, emails, notes, journals, using your voice
- Dedicated to driving mode (larger text and icons, etc.)
- The ability to define client profiles and apply them
- A lot of useful functions and features
- Ability to read and type the text (in English) and Google Voice and email (including Microsoft Exchange)
- Read and reply to incoming instant messages via Google Talk
- Integration together programs Google+, Evernote and Tasker
- home Automation together INSTEON: Turn off lights and appliances, open garage doors and much more, all together voice commands or planned or according to your place
- Remembering to do something in a day or time
- Remind you to do something upon your site
- Work done by the program according to your current location: Send SMS to your spouse at the time of leaving the workplace
- Activate the program by shaking the phone
-Sazgar together all Bluetooth headsets and multiple Bluetooth devices in cars
- Read NFC tags upon compatible devices.
- Use the Google Talk application as a remote control device

- eva voice assistant premium for android wap.

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