Epic Launcher Prime Lollipop v1.2.8


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 1.4MB
Category: Other

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Epic Launcher Prime Lollipop v1.2.8

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Epic Launcher Prime (Lollipop) v1.2.8 A fully customizable launcher, excellent performance and an affordable alternative to the display device based upon android-os Launcher android-os L is.

+ bolster Ok Google (Kitkat)
Customization of icons and icon + text size
+ bolster for ADW icon packs
+ Drag to the right to open Google Now
+ Customization network (grid) desktop and drawer Network
+ Lock and unlock the desktop
+ infinite scrolling desktop, drawer and dock
+ Elastic scrolling upon the desktop, drawer and dock
+ Hide apps drawer
+ Dock for scrolling, customizable dock plates and dock icons
+ Size Icon Dock, Dock icons labels upon display
+ Color label icon set
+ Orientation of display
+ Set the default page for the Desktop
+ Card stack effect to scroll the desktop
+ Show / Hide continuously display the find bar
+ Show / Hide icon labels
+ modified shortcut icons and text
+ Enable / Disable scrolling wallpaper
+ Enable / Disable Haptic feedback
+ Enable / disable the reset position of the drawer
+ More than 16 icons in a folder
+ Resize any widget
Action + home button and the menu button
+ Customization margins desktop / drawer / dock
+ Backup and Recovery

Version features Prime:
+ Number of unread, and Holo Notifier supports ADW Notifier
+ Folders in a drawer, organize apps into folders
+ bolster for gestures (Gestures)
+ Moves down upon any icon
+ Add / Delete Items folder.
+ Customization tugging right
+ Ability to customize the background color and background color folder drawer
+ Drag the left to open the last page of Google Now
+ bolster for icon packs Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro
+ Widget 1 × 1 in the dock
+ More scrolling effects

- epic launcher prime lollipop for android wap.

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