Empires and Allies 1.5.887711 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 13 + 85 MB
Category: Strategy

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Empires and Allies 1.5.887711 + Data

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Empires and Allies 1.5.887711 as Prhyjany game in strategic genre for Zynga studio in the network's android-os operating system, which Google has published a bridge. Ampratvrytan you have to help an army, to bring in 1 of the empty areas. After the initial building of the headquarters and turret defense that you have to fight, ready to win.
Users can play Empires and Allies army of tanks, helicopters, planes and a variety of modern jets. together regard to the battle occur in the future, you should hook help for an advanced degree to be able to destroy your enemies. good attack and the tactics of the enemy base through. After you have found enough information to attack army to rush to his post to do good. It should also be careful Ampratvrytan enemy attacks.
Because they will come for revenge and all their forces so that they can bring serious damage to the body Dfaytan infrastructure. That's why in your country of Empires and Allies should also strengthen defenses. together the help of grants and trophies in every battle you hook the level of your buildings has increased and together more power than Khaktan protect. The mostly dangerous weapons in this game is very rare, nuclear weapons are. 1 of these weapons alone can kill large area of ​​destruction. But getting it in a very difficult game, Empires and Allies. You can not simply buy them and promote the right to use your goals. So together minimal resources to obtain the best results.

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