Elixir 2 Donate v2.38.2 + Addons & Widgets


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 10 MB
Category: Other

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Elixir 2 Donate v2.38.2 + Addons & Widgets

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Elixir 2 Donate v2.38.2 + Addons & Widgets software for data display system that is fully customizable together widgets.

- Open system screens in 1 place
- View hardware information: batteries, storage, internal / external, CPU, memory, telephone, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, location, display, sound, airplane mode, camera, camcorder, input devices, USB
- View software information: synchronization, access, construction, operating system, settings, configuration, clipboard, drm, Features, Java, media effects, shared libraries, environment variables
- Change settings (brightness, turn off the screen, ...), doing things (mount / unmount the card SD, wipe cache, start bluetooth discovery, etc.), turn upon / off (APN, WiFi, Bluetooth, automatic lighting, rotation, etc.)
- Displays installed applications: code, data, and cache size (cache), network traffic, launch, uninstall, clear cache, move the card SD, organizing programs together tags, batch mode, enable / disable enable applications or components
- View processes and tasks running past service: PID, CPU usage, memory usage, CPU end, network traffic, view logs of a process, kill running processes in the background, batch mode
- Linux command output
- Shortcuts to widgets, application labels or Elixir screens by
- Displays sensor information, turn upon / off sensors, microphones
- File Browser
- Generate and send reports
- View, save and share blogs logcat / dmesg

- elixir donate addons widgets for android wap.

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