Edge Navigation Pro 3.2.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/21/2015 - 09:01
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Edge Navigation Pro 3.2.0

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Edge Navigation Pro 3.2.0 is an application that is designed for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The program at the edge devices, a panel that contains buttons to switch gives you notice, the latest app, home, back and locked. Red ribbons to display notifications brings layers programs that last yellow, blue button home page, Backspace Back button works likable the green and white lock switch Panel and double-click upon the device will be locked .

The first image is displayed upon the panel, panel 1.
Panel 1 has 5 buttons: 1. Red, yellow layer 2., 3. home Blue, 4. Backspace green, white 5. Lock.

1. Red Line: Shows the notifications bar (double-click Quick Settings shows)
2. yellow layer: Call of recent applications
3. home Blue function as the home button
4. Backspace green function as the back button (Back)
5. Lock White: Impact Panel (double-click the device locks)

If you tap the panel 1, panel 2 is displayed.
Panel 2 has 5 buttons: 1. gap red layer, high flash 2. yellow, blue camera 3., 4. down arrow green, white 5. Lock.
1. red layer together a gap: The background takes to clear the memory cache
2. yellow arrows above: the volume increases
3. Blue camera: The camera runs
4. down arrow green: reduce noise
5. Lock White: Impact Panel (double-click the device locks)

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