EASY screen recorder NO ROOT v3.2.2 Paid


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 17MB
Category: Media & Video

Download EASY screen recorder NO ROOT v3.2.2 Paid Now
EASY screen recorder NO ROOT v3.2.2 Paid

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Capture videos of your minecraft worlds, do screen recordings for promotional videos, tutorials, screencasts or simply share your finest moments!

Recordable is the screen recorder which:

* is homely to install and easy to use
* Records your audio and gestures
* Supports almost all tablets and phones
* Easily shares videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.
* Does not require rooted (this is a non-root application, but if you have rooted you don't need a computer to install!)

Note: you'll need to use your computer to re-install the application every time you reboot your device.

A selection of some five lodestar reviews:

Karlo Valerio upon Apr 29: At first, I was a little sketchy, probably because I'd tried almost every another no-root method of video recording for android, and some were even more expensive than this 1 (yes, I waste money). So imagine how sceptical I was when I saw that you just follow the step by step instructions all the way through, and wow. I was amazed by how little lag there is in the recordings. I'm using my unrooted Nexus 5, and this works pretty much flawlessly for me.

Jakov Pavic upon Apr 25: I love this app. Doesn't lag and don't need root. Thank you very much for the app.

Josh Jones upon Mar 22: Just saw the update of this and tried it out. The quality is good, the fps is incredible when upon no limit but the only potential problems is the power of your device, which can hinder your Max fps, and the amount of storage it can take up. Otherwise, a real gem likable I said when I reviewed the previous version of this. If you're looking for a screen recorder, this is the 1 to have.

Jacob Rook upon Mar 3: I am running a non-rooted device and this application works amazingly! Ive been looking for screen recorders that dont require rooted and a lot of them do you download all this stuff then end up not even working. I give this application 5 stars! Thank you so much for developing it!

Caleb Swanson upon Feb 26: I have been searching for a no rooted screen recorder forever and I finally found it! Its so easy to do! And I bet there is people complaining that you have to connect your device to the computer but they give you a step by step guide that takes about five minutes! Trust me its not a waste! Thanks SOOOOO much for making this!

Nick Wolf upon Feb 5: The best recorder that does not require root. another apps do not truly work or dont work at all.

- easy screen recorder no root paid for android wap.

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