Dubsmash 1.6.3 Mod


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/05/2015 - 18:47
Size: 7 MB
Category: Tools

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Dubsmash 1.6.3 Mod

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Dubsmash 1.6.3 and iOS application for android-os phones is that in terms of sound and entertainment activities and has recently attracted the attention of multiple users is so that video sample may have seen it upon social networks.
Dab application name that a lot of dialogue to prepare the songs, movies, cartoons and supply you and you can create a short film, the sounds upon your video so that it seems that you is saying you is including. Imagine a dialogue of Thor movie or cartoon parody of your childhood while you're busy whisper it as a video file capture and storage, and then in combination together the selected sound, interesting and different to see results.
The function of this program is the next entry, complete together a list of categories of sounds (cartoon, movie, nostalgia, etc.) faced by selecting any of them to a massive collection of sounds related to that topic You will have access. By clicking upon each option, preview the sound you will hear and if you choose one, click upon it again to be taken to record video. in this section diagram of high frequency sound and video in your phone camera, you can see at the bottom. Click upon the audio frequency, once selected sound playback, so you can match it together the reader. After practice and hook coordination, click upon the record button. Phone camera to capture your image, and at the same time the selected sound will be played. Just to be lip-read or perform according to the selected sound, the sound is playing run. After the end of a few seconds, you can see a preview of the video made it to the final store, or go back and record the sound again.

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