Drag Racing Bike Edition 1.1.43


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/15/2015 - 04:16
Size: 16 MB
Category: Racing

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Drag Racing Bike Edition 1.1.43

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Drag Racing: Bike Edition 1.1.43 exciting and fun game of drag racing together powerful motorcycles by the game company Creative Mobile - maker of the popular game Drag Racing - for the android-os operating system and welcomed the fans to see Sports Racing together a headache. in this game you must Sryryn drag races, as good as another existing path over time and cross the finish line. What is effective in determining the winner of the game, changing the gear when the motorcycle is upon the side of power and torque that need to note. If you're interested in games, car racing and motorsports version of the game that fascinates you have a car, we suggest you install the game and enjoy it.

Game Features Drag Racing: Bike Edition:

17 kinds of motorcycles
4 modes to play together another users
Having spent online to record mostly earned
The opportunity to share best results upon Facebook and Twitter
Ability to promote and strengthen a motorcycle
Physics and great graphics
Compatibility together tablet

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