Dolphin Browser 11.4.9 build 485


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 18.94 MB
Category: Communication

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Dolphin Browser 11.4.9 build 485

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New phones together larger screens and offer the android-os Tablet users tend to surf the Web via these gadgets has increased dramatically in recent years, offering the browser is the software developers. in this post we're going to deliver the best browser's android-os users.
Dolphin Browser Dolphin Browser 11.4.9 build 485 Beautiful powerful browser and surfing the Internet is very enjoyable. The software maker has a strong emphasis upon being fast. Download this software high level (more than 80.000.000) confirm the claim of the manufacturer.

Browser features Dolphin Browser:
Having Gesture
Voice find through Sonar
Installing Add upon
Pinch zooming through the
The ability to surf the Web without registering History
Sharing content upon social pages using the One-Tap Sharing
Sharing bookmarks and tabs between devices through the ability to Dolphin Connect
bolster Flash
HTML5 rendering engine is much faster browsing through specific
Having different skins
Having a home Screen
Use the tab browsing

- dolphin browser build for android wap.

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