Day of the Viking 0.21 + Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 48 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Day of the Viking 0.21 + Mod

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Day of the Viking 0.21 video games supply fun for phones and Tablet together android-os operating system that is popular these days by studio [adult swim] games published and available to users , Google has been made. The story of the game is that your castle is under attack and facing dwindling Vikings. The only way to save you the correct use of finger and touch the screen when necessary! Therefore, you should use the right time for the right defense tactics. For this type of Archers, explosive barrels, giant rocks, and even kind of wild pig in your castle that must be correctly and wisely so you can use them against marauding Vikings outlast waves of attackers. However, together the passage of time and the weeks and months passed, the Vikings is smarter and strategies you suspect that this is the harder the game, also increases its attractiveness. For example, they is equipped to a variety of defense equipment and war machines. Instead, progress and earn points in the game you will have access to weapons and ammunition of war did not balance! It should be noted that video game makers about the stones and put all of these terms have provided a quality play.

The game features Day of the Viking:
Having fun upon stage 80
Changing weather conditions during the game
There is various weapons and equipment
Enemies, obstacles and varied war machines in the game
There is 10 very difficult challenge for the brave members!
There is infinite attack mode to earn the mostly points possible between users play
There is various trophies
There is interesting and high-quality animation
Having won the mostly points earned

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