Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG + Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 46 MB
Category: Strategy

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Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG + Mod

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Finally after a long wait for the Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG android-os operating system after the IOS version NHN Entertainment Corp was provided by the studio and the Goth android-os is proud to be the first Iranian website among all sites Persian language, which is an android-os version.
Crusaders Quest title action, role-playing and real time is. This game has benefited in an 8-bit art style and players can choose their character in 6 different classes. Classes is playing Wizard, Archer, Warrior, Hunter, Priest, and Paladin. A total of 200 unique hero in the game. The game has very homely gameplay and puzzles have created a unique space combat fast. How puzzles and combat is combined? The Crusaders Quest, players must match their skills blocks and do things such as assault or treatment. NPC players can also receive missions. in this world, the four goddesses, forests, deserts, volcanoes and sea there. They keep the world safe. But now the goddess must be saved and it is the duty of the Crusaders!

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