CPU Monitor 6 PRO 6.51 build 202


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/10/2015 - 00:13
Size: 2.65 MB
Category: Tools

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CPU Monitor 6 PRO 6.51 build 202

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CPU Monitor 6 PRO 6.51 build 202 CPU processes the application for android-os devices. By installing this application processes that reduce the speed of the system can be identified and stopped. The practical applications as good as administrative processes in the history records and also puts the user in the course of the past activities. This feature is also a registered user to determine the amount of information. CPU Monitor normally occupies only 4% of the processor device and data recording mode, this will amount to a maximum of 8%.

Specifications CPU Monitor:
Apps automatically record activities at designated border crossing
Identify Prvss·hayy that occupy system resources
Ability to capture screenshots of automatic or manual processes
We could process any applications as graph
To stop processes


Changes in version 6.51 build 202:

6.51-202 - 08.07.2015
Fix Recording duration issue. Thanks Hans N.
Fix eventual crash issue. Thanks Tim K.

6.51-201 - 06.20.2015
Added additional CPU temperature sensor detection. Thanks Kalpesh!
Fixed Memory Chart title. Thanks Alain!
Added back Live View Screen
Fixed task administrator headers when hiding / showing options
Added new report Max CPU temperature per day
Added new report Max CPU temperature per hour
Added new report application usage by Temperature
Enhanced Reports

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