CPU Adjuster PRO 3.1.14


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 2.92 MB
Category: Tools

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CPU Adjuster PRO 3.1.14

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A controller processor CPU Adjuster PRO 3.1.14 android-os phones and tablets that lets you adjust processor voltage and speed. upon rooted devices This program allows you to go through the profile management, to automatically adjust the CPU and GPU upon your device. It also shows you the information about the processor, such as the time when the processor is in a certain state, the minimum and maximum speed of the Governor and multiple another things.

You can define profiles that include the following:
- CPU governor
- Maximum CPU frequency
- The minimum frequency of the CPU
- CPU voltage for all frequencies (if the kernel supports it)
- Schedule I / O
- The frequency and voltage of GPU (if the kernel supports it)
- Voltage charger (if the kernel supports it)

You can define profiles that is activated automatically under these conditions:
- Low battery
- High temperature
- Display upon / Off
- Charging
- Connectivity
- The start of a voice call

Also, you can see the CPU, such as CPU time being used in a particular case, the maximum / minimum processor speed governor and much more.

- cpu adjuster pro for android wap.

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