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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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CM Transfer - Share files new applications thirtieth transfer an application to transfer files between two devices Cheetah Mobile Cloud is a new version of its popular studio recently Market Google android-os is available unfetter of charge to users. together this application you will be able to multi-gigabyte files in the fastest time possible for your friend! Methods likable another popular programs likable Zapya, milk, etc. Finally, together the difference that now or in a simpler and more beautiful user interface Mvajhyd! Everything upon your device in the photos, videos, music, files and software installed, you can together just a touch to your friend! It's possible to hook embedded in the file that you need to have an application transfer is excellent! Nevertheless, to send and receive files must both be installed upon the program.

Some features, applications, CM Transfer - Share files Android:
✤ interface is very homely and without any ambiguity
✤ very rapid data transmission speeds 80 times Bluetooth
✤ transfer and send pictures, videos, applications, etc.
✤ easy to hook the files and information in friends
✤ absolutely unfetter

Why do you need to CM Transfer:
☆ simple: homely interface, sharing files is easier than ever.
☆ fast, faster than you can believe it - 80 times faster than Bluetooth.
☆ varied: transfer photos, videos, music, programs, and any another files whenever you want.
(Made by Cheetah Mobile, 1 of the top publishers and developers the tools Google Play Clean Master!)

High time for CM Transfer:
► When you need to meet up together their friends to share the fun.
► When you is watching a great movie, you're listening to a song or a fun game and you feel you need your friends to experience it.
► When you need to share your beautiful photos together friends and travel.
► When you is watching a movie together someone who is beautiful here and hope to share it together you.
Every time you need to share, CM Transfer together you always.

- cm transfer for android wap.

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