Cloud Raiders 6.0.5


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Strategy

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Cloud Raiders 6.0.5

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Cloud Raiders 6.0.5 - Raiders cloudy Claude Raydrz new game and built in 2014 together the strategic and military style for Android, which is published upon the company GIGL and is very similar to the game clash of clans there. in this game you can race your favorite village in the holy land and manpower to collect and supply a living for their become a Empire. The sky is very large in terms of area, there will be no problem to expand your village, but to do this you need to score points and money and without work before you actually can not. So take action and forces Cloud Raiders game and the way you prepare Nzamytan villages closer and money, coins and jewelry looted it and add to your funds!
You can use thousands of strategy and thinking to control his village, but all this must not lead to victory and no defeat included. The mostly important tool in the Cloud Raiders play together them in place to place you scroll, large ships and the giant, and each of them has a relatively high price. To increase the attractiveness of the game, missions is added upon a weekly basis and it rewards players to finish good received and can benefit in it as well. You is not alone in Cloud Raiders Ghartgyryd, but the rest of the village by the greed of money and time to time to attack your village. The defense forces must also have a strong military buildings is very good and the least harm will see in these attacks and fully to the border village of destruction to the initiated.

Some of the features strategic Cloud Raiders android-os game:
- Millions of different strategies implemented in the game together 1 goal: loot
- Qblyh form and place for world domination
- Of enemies such as pirates, witches and ...
- Ability to force summon help in case of need upon a weekly basis
- Creation of various fortifications to prevent the enemy castle

- cloud raiders for android wap.

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