Clash of Mafias 1.0.63


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 06/16/2015 - 03:48
Size: 44.56 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Clash of Mafias 1.0.63

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Clash of Mafias 1.0.63 as a new game in the style of strategic data without the need for an operating system android-os and Google Play is supplied by the network IGG.COM. do your mafia group is composed of those special people into the city that only two things that is important. Money and power in the area of ​​governance and anyone who comes to 1 of them, the latter will come! Clash of Mafias in the game after trying to hook to power, all financial flows to control the gain and another criminal groups that is active in the region, a tribute to you. This is a permanent law and was also observed. At the beginning of your work upon the same basis as the rest of the money will not have to do together Bandtan. After he earned enough money, hiding Zyrzmynytan create.
The majority of business is done in the sanctuary, but for theft and another important missions you have to enter the city. Clash of Mafias several missions you have intended to do, good bonuses awarded to your team. There is no law for the players is unfetter to do any wrong in the city but the police also do not sit idle and will follow. If you is arrested, points will be deducted in your account after this, watch your collection as well. Great for robberies can hook help in another groups and ultimately, money earned between your share. Possible attacks upon another users Clash of Mafias in the game there. To do this you need to gather your strength and together all your strength over the rubble left!

The game features Clash of Mafias:
✔ excellent graphics and real environment
✔ Play wonderful and beautiful places and environments
✔ Battle hordes of enemies
✔ difficult and challenging stages together various items
✔ exciting and innovative gameplay
✔ Compete together friends online
✔ collect more points to increase their power
✔ Use Violence Act

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