Clash of Kings 1.0.80


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 42.20 MB
Category: Strategy

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Clash of Kings 1.0.80

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Clash of Kings 1.0.80 is a strategy game for mobile phones and tablets together android-os operating system that was released by Warner Elex Inc and is available to anyone interested. in the multiplayer online game you have to do a great empire formed upon 7 wonderful realm of the state. All the principles and elements of strategic games is there in this game, you have built a fortified castle built there to bed and utter his government to build towers and defend buildings in there. Mechanism for the creation of a more or less similar to another games in this genre is the army, so you can use different units of soldiers and made an all-out military and go to battle another users.
If you're interested in strategy games, we suggest you try the game and tell us your opinions about it.

Game Features Clash of Kings:
Online battle together another users
Ability to gather resources and build the kingdom of fortified castle
Sakhn possible to defend the castle towers and various buildings
Recruitment and the possibility of forming a powerful army
android-os phones and tablets compatibility
Suitable Graphic

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