City Island Airport 2 v1.2.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 30.60 MB
Category: Simulation

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City Island Airport 2 v1.2.2

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City Island: Airport 2 v1.2.2 - City Island Airport 2 The second version of the super cute and fun game of Iceland in Studio City playmaker Sparkling Society for android-os is the first version of which can be this url hook . likable previous versions of this game is the complete management of a small island town is entrusted to you. Housing for its citizens, for they is happy to pay the beautification of the city, they create jobs and generate income to pay their council, and thus your feet. in this game you have the choice to build more than 85 special buildings such as hotels, cinemas, offices, bakeries, restaurants and fueling stations are. together their fishing boats and people to build parks, schools, libraries, museums, and even a merry-go-happy. Your goal Shadsazy all people and therefore attracting more people into work is needed. in this game you is upon an island and your goal is to hook your people a paradise. The more you play to upgrade the airport upon the island, the more people you will be flooded. The game features an attractive, high-quality graphics, interesting photos of Island Airport, opening dozens of beautiful and unique building (entertainment venues, hotels, attractions, airport, terminal, flight tower, runway, houses), attracts tourists in hotels and another attractions, attracting people to parks, museums, shopping centers, airports grow your city and collect benefits provided through facilities in the city, fly tower upgrades and terminals collect XP and level up to unlock new airports and new buildings in the city, fly to different parts of the world, collect stars and unlock game currency in the game, including diamonds / gemstones, Gold, Money / Cash, determine the age of your city, specifying the architecture and the chance to play together a friend for cash, gold, etc.

Some features of airport management game City Island: Airport 2 Android:
✔ construction and management of airports around the island by player
✔ Send your aircraft in the hangar to the another airports
✔ Increase your Amtyazt to unlock new items and powerful
✔ send different types of aircraft to destinations worldwide
✔ include a lot of different missions and rewards
✔ Ability to fly tower and terminal upgrades due to the expansion of the island

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