City Island 3 - Building Sim 1.1.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Simulation

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City Island 3 - Building Sim 1.1.2

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City Island 3 - Building Sim 1.1.2 The latest version of the game is to manage the island in style Simulation for android-os has been released a few days ago by Sparkling Society. This version indoors a short period of time over fifty thousand times Google has made ​​a good rating: 4.3 / 5 so far has achieved. Welcome to your island in 1 of the areas of climate and deal together it. Commercial buildings, residential and office in City Island 3 to bring the game to boost your traffic and increase Jmyttan. supply good job opportunities for the residents of the island and always try to have the lowest unemployment rate among another cities. Buildings which have Qablyst Upgrade or increase the level and cost of, the more return and Aqtsadtan finds a growing trend. As explained builders, more than 150 types of items to buy at the store and if you need addition to providing these items, they can upgrade to a higher level, long time need. The diversity, City Island 3 best design and gameplay in any way, you will not feel tired. in general we can say that the latest version of island management game, a simulator is complete together good quality in time to time, updates new and interesting features to be added. Island City Island 3 in the important area of ​​the game, but for the vast expansion of the high price you need to pay. After all you do Sytan to economic growth and become 1 of the best in the country and have the ability to compete together another users.

Some game features City Island 3 - Building Sim Android:
✔ Build and decorate your island together more than 150 unique items
✔ collect dozens of different bonuses and achievements
✔ attract residents together parks, trees, railroad, buildings, etc.
✔ collection and to obtain money in commercial buildings
✔ having an exciting and unique graphics and sound

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