City Island 2 - Building Story 2.2.15


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/22/2015 - 16:22
Size: 44 MB
Category: Simulation

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City Island 2 - Building Story 2.2.15

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City Island 2 - Building Story 2.2.15 An addictive strategy game together stunning HD graphics and beautiful sound of well-known studio Sparkling Society ™ is supplied. in this game you have to start to build a new city together new decorations and create jobs for your people. By making the city a lot of money to collect taxes in your people can maintain and beautify the city. Certainly multiple tourists to its picturesque towns they lost that could cost up to you to recover Several times. You can do multiple changes in their city, for example, the possibility of the placement and construction of sidewalks, shopping centers and shops, railway and train and ... a small part of your management facilities in the City 2 will be Iceland.
in this game you have to earn money and investment upon larger construction projects so that you can become 1 of the largest investors in making different places to be. in this game needs people who can pay to build various places upon the side. For example, they create jobs. This makes the people happy and increase your reputation. Game City Island 2 Building Story anything you can do to improve the city. Repairing sidewalks to railways and build bridges to cross the river, all of which is very important and can increase your credibility in the city.
The game has a lot of achievements and awards is that if you do your job good and quickly you will surely receive a tremendous achievement that can be used to proceed to the well, you hook and do faster city repair and improve. Game City Island 2 Building Story 150 items together a very varied and excellent, allowing you to decorate your city together the mostly beautiful way possible. To build parks and recreational Mrkaz pay because they can increase the popularity of the city and allows guests to come in and do a lot of income and expense improved city for the contruction of another places to be provided. This allows you to play City Iceland 2 commercial buildings rent received and the completion of projects or recreational facilities and places to go after the first try, which can be a money maker for the city. Buildings is also expandable and can be much more advanced them to be able to hook more money in addition to beauty. It also enables you to play together your friends and share scores upon various social networks.

Some features of the game City Island 2 - Building Story Android:
- Full bolster for tablets together very high graphics
- Video and engaging gameplay together challenging activities along together various rewards and achievements
- Awesome mission to build the city in the mostly beautiful way possible (during play several missions that will be entrusted to you can do to create a modern city)
- The possibility of increasing population and attract citizens together railway construction, recreation center, etc.
- Ability to receive different tax and profit in building
- Upgrade equipment and buildings during the game
- A guide to making the best of the modern and beautiful game
- View the time required to build and upgrade buildings
- High quality graphics
- Build and decorate a beautiful island together more than 150 unique items your creativity challenges
- Attracting residents together parks, trees, railroad, train, boat, decoration and building society
- Collect profits in commercial buildings you
- Upgrade building in your city
- Unlock new buildings for construction
- Collect dozens of bonuses in the game
- Reconstruction of his city to create more space and more buildings, and the development of a metropolis together tall buildings
- Speed ​​up the construction / upgrade
- Reconstruction of the city upon land and sea
- Working and playing together friends upon Facebook her

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