Celestial Assault 2.9.9 Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 36 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Celestial Assault 2.9.9 Mod

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Celestial Assault 2.9.9 and exciting action game developed for android-os phones and tablets by the company playmaking Lucid Vision Games has been released and is available to users. The story takes place in 2050 in the next game, aliens have invaded earth and life upon earth in the wake of dwindling. As an elite pilot, the last hope for the survival of mankind and you must go together extraterrestrial spaceships to battle enemies. Win the mission will allow you to equip your ship and carry more weapons. The game has 30 different stages of the course in the middle of the head should also go to battle alien.

Game Features Celestial Assault:
Arcade-style combination of role
There is various weapons
Possible to improve the ship
30 steps together a cute face the various bosses
The gameplay is challenging and extensive
Setting up a tough game
Registration will take maximum advantage of the online business

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