CastleVille Legends 3.6.419 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Strategy

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CastleVille Legends 3.6.419 + Data

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CastleVille Legends as a farm game made by Zynga strategic style android-os operating system and the user enters an extraordinary environment. To deal together the magical land of legendary characters in the game ready to assist them in managing their part of the world. Ice or Ice Land mechanistic land where chaos and civil war occurred, while a few hundred years ago, it has not happened to date, and this incident has caused concerns ice queen. Nvbyt has come to a new and powerful empire in the game CastleVille Legends power the entire building and then try to manage it. However, in this way, different personalities come to help you hook the basic guidelines.
1 of them is significant that during the game, and for the prosperity of agriculture and farm Daryst who Dvqh Brnkhvryd problem, you should consider. CastleVille Legends very interesting architectural buildings selected, so that all together and there is no resentment among your people to bring a problem. For example, the main castle and beside the rule can do a large or small farm, and then the king and princess in your place of residence. CastleVille Legends Magic game features that will diversify the style of play than work. A variety of magical powers to regulate and bring order to the city and dragons can be used also plays an important role in the fight against enemies and another tribes play.

Some features strategically CastleVille Legends android-os game:
✤ expand your territory together a variety of tools and excellent and varied items
✤ include a variety of characters and creatures (witches, dragons, Damsels)
✤ Flmrv promote and strengthen the work of collecting wood, build castles, etc.
✤ discover a variety of places and different parts of the game such as the ruins of the ancient and magical spring
✤ having colorful graphics and exciting sound together superior HD

Dear users, note that:

CastleVille Legends is an online game and Internet connection is required to run and the connection can be provided through mobile SIM and MTN.

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