Calls Blacklist PRO 2.10.39 Patched


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/10/2015 - 00:16
Size: 1.10 MB
Category: Tools

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Calls Blacklist PRO 2.10.39 Patched

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Calls Blacklist PRO 2.10.39 Patched software application that allows users to block annoying calls and SMS for you to supply your android-os phone. If you is looking for a software to block annoying calls and SMS spam, this software is designed for you. You can select the desired number in your phone book or software to add it manually. Calls Blacklist PRO all calls and SMS will save annoying, so do not worry about losing important Tms. The program is easy to use and lightweight, does not consume battery power. If you is looking for a call blocker or SMS spam filtering, this software is what you need.

You can use any number of contacts, calls and messages lists to block unwanted or manually enter numbers.
Black List numbers quietly and without any signs of a call will be blocked.
Blacklist calls, all calls and text messages in a journal record. do not worry, you'll never miss an important call or message.
The blocking call also has some convenient adjustment options, including the ability to block private numbers, or disable notifications.

Calls Blacklist PRO android-os application features:
- Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls and SMS)
- Registry of calls and SMS blocked
- Block unknown numbers (private)
- Blocking all incoming calls
- Block all incoming SMS
- Announcement blocked calls and SMS (can be disabled in the settings)
- No ads

Benefits of the program:
- A strong blocker Contact
- Work upon all devices
- Easy to use
- Lightweight and strong
- Lack of memory or CPU resources

- calls blacklist pro patched for android wap.

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