Callistics Premium - Call & Data usage v2.2.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/03/2015 - 20:38
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Callistics Premium - Call & Data usage v2.2.0

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Callistics Premium - Call & Data usage v2.2.0 useful application for registration should call history and messages upon android-os devices by software company MobileSoft sro is published and available to enthusiasts. The application allows you to be able to monitor the calls made, messages and even have used the Internet. Display different charts and graphs is 1 of the strengths of this application that allows you to view your history in the period of time - for example, displays the total calls, texts and data usage upon a daily basis - is possible. Additionally, you can use the data to any audience or the Internet by each application individually and in an environment-friendly view. You can also exclude certain numbers or contacts application settings to filter them and no recorded data communications together your contacts.
It should be noted that this program is very powerful and satisfying act in its domain, so if you likable to have complete control over the connections established history of your android-os phone, android-os goth suggest that you download and install the app, you .

Features Callistics Premium - Call & Data usage:
Material design based interface
Records relating to calls, messages and Internet use
View statistics for the desired time period
View statistics for daily
Sign in consumer store network through 3G, 4G, LTE, GPRS, Wifi, Wlan
View the Internet used by any application
Having a beautiful widgets
Ability to assign separate widgets for contacts, messages and Internet use
View summary statistics Goya
Ability to sort contacts based upon the conversation or the number of messages exchanged
Ability to sort applications based upon Internet consumption
Show stats for each respondent separately.
Show stats for each application separately.
Record and view a complete history of calls and messages for each contact separately.
Setting Nmlysh bill based upon the amount of calls, messages and Internet use
Ability to set limits and use caution when crossing the limit
do a list of exceptions
Lack of continuous implementation of the program in the background and therefore low battery consumption

- callistics premium call data usage for android wap.

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