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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Call Toolbox Pro v2.0

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Call Toolbox Pro v2.0 is a set of powerful features for calling and messaging. The program is easy to use and smart phone smarter than you truly are. It has multiple useful features. Has had several applications published in touch together contacts, each of which has different features and capabilities are. Each of these programs by providing certain facilities to satisfy users and need to attract more users, respectively. We have prepared a program for you that the functionality is different and special. Call Toolbox Pro is 1 of the mostly popular software applications, and superior in touch together friends is that smart phones and android-os tablets designed and supplied. Software has a homely and user-friendly interface together a variety of capabilities that any novice user can easily use it. Call Toolbox Pro software enables you to communicate together your friends. together this android-os application you can do calls and messages together your friends and add beauty to them. It's a different part of the senior management of calls and SMS that can use its features to customize the IDE. The android-os application is that you can do calls while your smartphone screen is not clear. If you is looking for a program to communicate together your friends, we recommend you not miss this program.

Call Toolbox Pro android-os application features:
★ Intelligent Contact: Contact easy way to control the phone without touching the screen or
* Answer the call by placing the phone to your ear
* End the call automatically when the phone next to your ear
* Option to Mute / answer / end / reject a call using gestures
* Note: If you mask (cover) phone use, features proximity (proximity) may not work properly.

★ Reminder: Remind you notifications (Notification) that you have missed calls or unread SMS messages
* Announcement of a pop-up window to quickly view new messages and call log
* Ability to change report ringtone, vibration pattern (vibration) and color LED light for notifications
* Option to automatically respond to missed calls by SMS message

★ Notification: Text-to-speech engine to read when you have an incoming call or new SMS messages
* Read the caller's name or the name of the sender
* Ability to customize the text to read

★ call recording: automatic recording contact together high sound quality
* Read manually or automatically via a control button upon the contact page
* Allow playback / record / send records
* Automatically removes old record

★ Call Blocker: Blocks unwanted calls and SMS messages to spam. Your mobile phone when you receive calls / messages is blocked there and shake the bell never come
* Block any phone number you need and transfer contact list / messages to a specific list
* Option to block unknown numbers / hide
* Option to reply the message automatically blocked numbers
* Block text upon android-os 4.4 / KitKat is not available, because Google has changed its policy.

★ important call, you can select which contacts is important when they call you, your phone will always ring and vibration, even in silent mode.
★ important call when your phone is in silent mode, if someone indoors 2 minutes of calls to call you and you do not answer, the call is accepted and your phone will ring was third.

★ shake call (Android 4.1 or higher is required ROOT): when you do a call to someone, your phone will vibrate to notify you that the phone has started ringing, he or she will call you responded. If you have android-os 4.1 or higher, you need to rooted your phone to use this feature.

★ Schedule: allows you to do it indoors the specified time automatically do, including:
* Phone functions: upon / off silent mode, vibration mode, mobile data (2G / 3G / 4G), Bluetooth, WiFi and automatically
* Tasks: Enable / Disable Features (contact smart, quote, ...)

★ profile management to enable backups to recover the settings in a profile or timing

Hands-free features:
★ Auto Answer: automatically answers incoming calls. A useful feature while driving
* Automatic answer after a time delay or when a headset is connected
* Turn upon the speakerphone (Speakerphone) before answering

★ automatic speakerphone: automatically turn upon the speakerphone when the call begins and the phone is near your ear. It also put the phone to your ear, the speakerphone automatically turns off
* Ability to change the speaker volume
* Option to keep permanent bright screen when speakers or headphones is used.

★ Automatic Bluetooth: When the call begins, Bluetooth automatically turns upon and the Bluetooth headset is connected.


Changes in version 2.0:

- Auto Answer time out
- Password lock
- Smart Call: show control button to disable gestures manually; allow to enable speakerphone when answering together gestures
- Fix minor bugs

- call toolbox pro for android wap.

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