Call Timer Pro - Data Usage v2.0.170


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.5MB
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Call Timer Pro - Data Usage v2.0.170

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Call Timer Pro - Data Usage v2.0.170 program to control data consumption, calls and SMS is that it can monitor their consumption. The program according to plan when you hook him, you talk to about it hang out and prevented in talking too long. It is an ideal tool to limit contact together cut or postpone it at a certain time is elapsed.

Functions to control your plane:
✔ data use 3G, 4G
✔ Mexico. Full bolster for the plan Plan Telcel Plus
✔ Mexico, Colombia. Smart Caller ID (company, city and type)
✔ instant information about the use of plane
✔ Set the alarm to use your plan
✔ View your plane Statistics
✔ Mjrvm the number of calls and SMS is unfetter of Statistics
✔ widgets
✔ Export data in Excel Plane

Functions for unfetter numbers:
✔ Automatic cut
✔ Automatic Redial
✔ Configure alarm times upon every call
✔ Configure alarm vibration (vibration)
✔ Configure alarm sound
✔ dialing software
✔ notifications in status bar
✔ Follow the call of the moment
✔ enabled in the configuration days

- call timer pro data usage for android wap.

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