Call recorder (Full) v3.0.3 Patched


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.2 MB
Category: Tools

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Call recorder (Full) v3.0.3 Patched

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Call recorder (Full) v3.0.3 Patched is a program for recording phone conversations.
If the application calls a poor record, a variety of customization options to try (do this in the menu "Help" application is available. It is recommended to read.)
Gradually, new features and functions will be added to the program.

- Automatic recording of phone conversations
-Frmt Recording amr, mp4, wav to select the recording quality
- Individual settings for the "Save all" (Remember all), "Do not write" (no record), "Record contacts only" (only audience recording), "Record not only contacts" (only another record of contacts) Input and Output
- No recording time is less than N seconds
- The ability to record / not record specific users (list of exceptions in the settings)
- Ability to change the storage place of records
- Automatic cleanup (delete records older than N days)
- Questions about recording a conversation before
- Ability to disable notifications in start / stop recording
- All content, "Date" (Time), "On behalf of the subscriber" (the common), "On the phone number" (on the phone), "For the duration" (for a time)
- Protection of recordings against erasure (Favorites)
- Add a comment to a recorded conversation
- Quick filter selected number
- Contact a common feature of the program
- Allows the machine to send your registration through available tools (email, bluetooth, etc)
- find all records
- Supported languages ​​(English / Russian)

- call recorder full patched for android wap.

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