Call Recorder - ACR Premium v10.9


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.7MB
Category: Other

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Call Recorder - ACR Premium v10.9

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Call Recorder - ACR Premium v10.9 program for recording phone calls. Although the main objective of this program is to record incoming and outgoing phone calls, but also offers multiple another features.
Some phones do not bolster call recording properly. This is due to the different capabilities of the chipset / CPU each brand / model.

- find
- Grouping the recorded calls by date
- Automatic email
- Automatically delete old recordings
- Mark as important for not removing the automatic call recording
- Multi-select, delete, send
- Name and Photocall
- Exclude numbers
- Call recording automatically or manually
- Calls recorded by password protection
- multiple recording formats
- Ability to delay the start of the recording
- Different recording mode based upon the numbers, contacts, non-contact, or only selected contacts
- Integration together Dropbox
- Integration Google Drive
- And multiple more

- call recorder acr premium for android wap.

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