Calibre Companion v4.2.5b


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/03/2015 - 20:20
Size: 3.94 MB
Category: Education

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Calibre Companion v4.2.5b

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Calibre Companion v4.2.5b recommended by the developers of calibration, three apps in 1 app:
- 1 of the great machine-based calibration library
- A high-performance WiFi-based simulator calibration device
- A calibration client content server (web access)

1) Calibre Companion (CC) is a provider of appliance-based calibration library. When you book using the connection methods described below, upon your device, you can:
- View metadata (metadata) book (author, tags, Series, rating, date, etc.).
- Sorting and grouping books together their metadata
- Based upon the book mask or list view.
- Mark Read books and coordination together calibration information
- Run the program book reader to read a book (except the Amazon Kindle e-reader together Akpr program works)

2) CC can be connected over WiFi calibrated by calibrating the device to be detected. Once connected, you can calibrate using books in / to your device. Calibrate all metadata stored by CC's books to match you together the latest in calibration automatically updates. No schedules, artist or another browsers do not supply this level of integration together the calibration.

3) CC can be used to browse the library and download books to your device over WiFi to connect to the server calibrated content.

1) CC a reader (Reader) is not. You must be an excellent reader programs available to install and use it.
2) CC requires that you calibre 0.9.02 or higher to use the address available. Some features, such as the CC-book reader sync requires a newer version of the calibration.

- calibre companion b for android wap.

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